Trailer: Australia: Victims of the Betting Industry

Tierschutzbund Zürich (TSB) and Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) are going to publish a new film about the production of horsemeat in Australia in July 2020. In the EU-approved abattoir Meramist, horses are systemically tortured before and during slaughter.

They are suffering in the assembly centres of the kill buyers and during long transports. The meat of these tortured horses also ends up on Swiss and EU plates. It is imported by the Belgian company Multimeat and the Swiss horsemeat import association VPI. The risk of drug residues in the horsemeat is particularly high, since more than 50 % of the horses being slaughtered are former racehorses.

Tierschutzbund Zürich, Animal Welfare Foundation and their partners are calling on the EU Commission and importers to stop the import of horsemeat from torturous production in Australia.

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