Tour China's only bear sanctuary with Jill Robinson (Part IV)

To celebrate Animals Asia’s 20th anniversary year, Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson takes you on a personal tour of the sanctuary which has been pivotal to ending bear bile farming and invites you to meet the bears who have bravely come through their trauma, now living contented, happy lives.

“We’re not weaker without you but stronger because of you.” So reads the inscription on the gravestone of moon bear Andrew, the first to be rescued by the sanctuary. Now he and many other bears are remembered in the sanctuary’s Garden of Rest.

During the tour, Jill said:

“Whenever I’m feeling a little bit down or upset, I’ll just come here to spend a little time at the gravesite and reflect on the happiness that these bears gave us.

“Here in this most beautiful place of peace and tranquility it’s really not like the bears have left us at all. They are still with us in spirit and they are still respected more than they can ever know.”

Finally, Jill takes us to the herb garden where traditional medicine alternatives to bear bile are grown. The garden represents the hope for a bear bile farm-free future. A future free of suffering. A future without cruelty. The future we continue to work towards every single day.



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