These Daring Animal Rescues Will Brighten Your Day

Deep, abandoned wells that once provided access to groundwater are common in India. It’s also common for animals to fall down them and become hopelessly trapped, unable to scale the crumbling sides and reach the top, which is many feet above them.

When this happens, staffers from PETA-supported animal charity Animal Rahat are often called on to perform dangerous rescues—descending 30, 50, or even 80 feet with little more than a rope to cling to and a net in which to catch the animals. A fall could result in injuries and even death. Staff members rescue animals of all shapes and sizes—including dogs, cats, various wildlife, and once even a cow—who are often confused, disoriented, scared, or hurt. The Animal Rahat team members must risk their own safety to save the animals, and they do.

The Animal Rahat rescue team is currently working to raise $5,000 to fund its well-rescue work, which will help buy protective climbing gear and equipment. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation in any amount to help the team continue its lifesaving work.


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