These ACTIVISTS spent an hour LOCKED in a cage | Confinement Challenge

Non-human animals within our food, entertainment, testing, and clothing industries spend their entire lives confined.

We only have to endure a few weeks or months of confinement.

How would you feel if you could never go outside again? Never feel the grass under your feet or the sunlight on your skin.

Hundreds of activists around the world spent hours locked in cages as part of the #CoronavirusConfinementChallenge. This video highlights 5 activists who documented their experience taking the confinement challenge.

Take the Coronavirus Confinement Challenge

Step 1: Decide which cage/crate you want to use
Step 2: Measure & create a living space for any farmed animal in your own home
Step 3: Choose how long you will stay confined
Step 4: Share your experience on social media
Step 5: Tag Animal Save Movement & 3 friends to take the challenge
Step 6: Use the hashtags #CoronavirusConfinementChallenge #SwitchToPlantBased

Join the Animal Save Movement

#Vegan #Veganism #Animalrights

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