Their final journey | Is eating animals wrong?

We bear witness to pigs and other farm animals in their final moments before they are slaughtered. We try and comfort them in any small way that we can in the short time we have with them.

We use the most powerful weapon at our deposal the camera. We document their last moments to share their stories to the world and hopefully inspire people to make a change and leave animal products of their plate.

What you are about to witness is pigs being forced to the kill floor of a slaughterhouse. At first they are confused but that confusion turns to pure fear as they try to run back the other way. They are blocked by a man with a paddle board who hits them to go back in line. Imagine the fear and suffering they must go through. Just for a bacon or ham sandwich. Is it worth it?

Join us in demanding change. Sign the plant based treaty

Also please attend one of our vigils and eliminate animal products from your life.

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CONNECT: Plant Based Treaty

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