The Worst Gift You Can Give This Christmas

We have all seen those “adorable” videos of overjoyed people reacting to the cute face of a puppy popping out of a gift-wrapped box on Christmas morning. What you don’t see are the numerous people who take those dogs to animal shelters after the holiday excitement winds down.

Like us, animals require affection and proper care to flourish. Although people who give animals as gifts invariably have good intentions, it’s still a bad idea unless you are absolutely certain that the recipient wants to adopt that particular animal and is both willing and financially able to provide a lifetime of proper care. A better approach is to wrap up a symbol of a new dog or cat, such as a leash or catnip toy, and offer to accompany the recipient to an animal shelter—not a pet store or breeder—after the holidays to find that adorable new friend.

Why animals don’t make good gifts:


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