The Three Bears one year on…

Who remembers the beautiful Three Bears, Alice, Bân and James? It was this time last year we rescued the young trio who were being kept illegally on a farm. They were Nowhere Bears – bears who exist in unknown locations in terrible conditions, hidden from the outside world.

As we’d come to affectionately call them The Three Bears in reference to the famous children’s story, we realised that their lives had taken a somewhat fairytale-like turn, too.

So we named them after characters from children’s story books: the protagonist in James and the Giant Peach who overcame cruelty to find friendship and security; Princess Bân whose love kept people warm on cold days and Alice, whose time in the terrifying Wonderland was coming to an end.

The three bears were brought to our rescue centre in Vietnam where our wonderful bear care team sat patiently with them every day, gently gaining their trust and helping them gain strength both physically and emotionally.

The three eventually entered the enclosure and felt grass under their paws for the first time in years. It was joyful and humbling to watch them take their first tentative steps towards their new lives.

Since then, all three bears have blossomed and grown into confident, happy and playful bears, and they shine like the stars they are! They are no longer Nowhere Bears, they are Somebody Bears.

As always, we cannot express our gratitude to you, our wonderful supporters who make rescues like Alice, James and Bân’s possible and turn these Nowhere Bears into Somebody Bears. Thank you!

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