The most dangerous ships in the world | AWF x Robin des Bois

Animal Welfare Foundation x Robin des Bois

Three years ago, the EU and its Commission received an initial report from AWF and Robin des Bois on the seaworthiness, environmental safety, animal welfare aspects, and maritime security of livestock carriers approved in the EU. The result: The vast majority of the EU livestock carrier fleet consists of very old ships that should have been scrapped long ago – yet they continue to be used for the transportation of living animals.

Until today, three years later, the EU, despite this knowledge, remains in crippling inaction. Three years of animal suffering aboard completely decrepit, rust-eaten vessels. Three years during which the EU and its Commission have not lifted a finger. Three years have passed, and legislation must finally reflect the cruel reality of livestock transport by ship.

We demand an end to animal transport on these black and grey-flagged vessels. They pose an unacceptable risk to the animals, the personnel aboard the ships, maritime traffic, and the environment.

No living animal belongs on a ship.

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