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The Mahout – An Animals Asia film

We are overjoyed to announce that Animals Asia has rescued a 46-year old female elephant called H’Plo from the elephant riding industry in Vietnam, with help from the Olsen Animal Trust. H’Plo now lives at Yok Don National Park where she is part of an exciting new ethical elephant experience.

H’Plo was taken into the tourist industry as a calf and has changed owners and moved around over the years. She eventually came to be with her current mahout (meaning trainer or keeper) Nhat Bya and his family ten years ago, when Nhat was 16 years old.

With increasing government and community concern for elephant and tourist welfare, Nhat’s family agreed for H’Plo to be released from the riding industry to live in the forest. She can now roam, forage, socialise, play, bathe and express natural behaviours, some for the first time.

In 2018, Animals Asia signed an agreement with the Yok Don National Park to end elephant riding there, and to establish Vietnam’s first ethical elephant tourism experience. The five elephants who now reside there do what they please, and tourists trek into the forest to observe them simply being elephants.

Read more about H’Plo, the ethical elephant experience and what Animals Asia is doing to end elephant riding in Vietnam:

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