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The last bears in Lang Son rescued by Animals Asia

Last week Animals Asia rescued the last three bears on bile farms in Lang Song province ending bear bile farming in the region forever.

Hidden away in the backroom of a house in the north-eastern Vietnam border province, these three moon bears have been kept in cages in a cold concrete room for over 16 years, suffering the pain of regular bile extraction. Thanks to the kindness of people like you their lives are being transformed; their days and years of misery at an end.

Thank you to everyone who has never given up on these ‘nowhere bears’.

These bears now have a future of joy and hope, so we have named them Hy Vọng (meaning Hope), Tương Lai (meaning Future), and Vui (meaning Joy). After their 30 days quarantine, they will be able to experience the kind of life that has been denied them all these years. These nowhere bears will finally be somewhere they can climb and forage and play, and be looked after for the rest of their lives.

But not only does this rescue signal a turning point in these bears’ lives, it also marks an end to bear bile farming in Lang Son province, taking us another step closer to ending bear bile farming in Vietnam for good.

For years Animals Asia has been working side by side with the government under our exclusive agreement to end bear bile farming in Vietnam, clearing bile farms across the country province by province. And as part of that agreement, we’re about to enter the final stages of that mission, by building a second Vietnam sanctuary to house the hundreds of moon bears that remain trapped on bile farms in ever-shrinking pockets across the country.

This rescue marks the end of bile farming in Lang Son, the beginning of a new life Hy vọng, Tương lai and Vui, and a strengthening of our resolve to rescue every last bear from their suffering on bile farms in Vietnam and give them the future of hope and joy they so desperately deserve.

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