The Importance of Rescue | Celebrating 20 Years of Woodstock

2024 marks our second decade of rescuing farmed animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. This mini-documentary, captured by Joanna Lentini, provides an intimate glimpse behind the barn doors into the realities of rescue at our nonprofit animal sanctuary.

Since 2004, we’ve welcomed over 3,000 animals to our sanctuary nestled in Upstate New York, while also aiding in the rescue of thousands more. Each animal resident has found a haven where they experience dignity and joy, far from their previous circumstances. These are animals who aren’t seen as worthy of rescue, full lives, and care in our society, so with every rescue we are also advocating for the billions whom we can’t save.

Will you stand with us this year as we honor two decades of rescue, education, and advocacy for farmed animals? Together, let’s continue to fight for a just and compassionate future for all living beings.

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