The End of Medicine Trailer: Producer Joaquin Phoenix’s Documentary Blows Whistle on Factory Farms

When they aren’t starring in acclaimed Hollywood movies, actors Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara turn their attention towards issues of sustainability and animal welfare. Their latest project, the documentary film The End of Medicine, for which they serve as executive producers is set to do just that.

Following Dr. Alice Brough, a livestock veterinarian, The End of Medicine explores “the link between global disease and our relationship with animals,” and the consequences that humankind will face if we fail to make significant changes in the world of medicine and more importantly in how we interact with animals.

In addition to Dr. Brough, the documentary consults many experts in a variety of fields, from the worlds of agrigulture, politics and medicine, all of whom signal that major change is required in farming practices before the consequences become too much for humanity to bear.

The End of Medicine is directed by award-winning UK filmmaker Alex Lockwood, who got his start in television but later in his career pivoted to non-fiction films. His current production mandate is to only produce projects “which aim to shed light on issues of ethics and sustainability.” In 2019, he won a BAFTA for his short film 73 Cows which was screened for the European Parliament in an effort to bring about change in agricultural laws.

The official synopsis for The End of Medicine reads:

From executive producers Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) and Rooney Mara (The Girl With
The Dragon Tattoo), comes a new feature length documentary exposing the underreported link between global pandemics, the failing of antibiotics and our use of animals.

The film follows former factory farm livestock vet and whistleblower Dr. Alice Brough as she grapples with the enormity of animal agriculture and the key role it has played historically and currently in not only killer diseases and pandemics, but climate change and environmental destruction as well.

With expert interviews from industry insiders, government advisors, politicians, premiere scientists and leading doctors, The End Of Medicine sounds the alarm few have heard.

Directed by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Alex Lockwood (73 Cows) and producer Keegan Kuhn (Cowspiracy, What The Health), The End Of Medicine examines the often ignored WHO and CDC warnings that if we don’t change, we are at the end of medicine as we know it.

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