The DARK SIDE of Animal Gifting for Charities (What They Don’t Tell You)

Many of us have seen charming photos of children holding cute baby animals on pamphlets and websites encouraging us to donate animals through human-aid organizations. But what is it like in reality to receive live animals as gifts? The truth is, your gift can do more harm than good. Live animals come with risks and responsibilities which the recipients have not signed up for. Animals also need food, water, and living space. For those who are struggling, this only creates an extra burden to carry. Animal farming is an intensive process that requires a lot of natural resources and causes environmental damage. It also poses a risk to human health not only through eating animal products but also with the possibility of infectious diseases that could lead to pandemics. Furthermore, it perpetuates the idea that animals are property and teaches children to suppress their natural empathy for them by normalizing violence and cruelty. There are better ways to help communities in need. Gifts such as seeds and trees are a kinder and more sustainable option! Please help raise awareness by sharing this video and using the hashtag #StopAnimalGifting. To learn more, visit:

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