The Bloody Faroe Islands

On June 27th, 2021, Sea Shepherd crew witnessed for 175 pilot whales in the Faroe Islands whose lives were mercilessly taken from them in the name of ‘tradition’. The dead included juveniles and pregnant females, whose almost fully formed fetuses were discarded as trash.

The crew’s cameras captured all kinds of atrocities and disrespect for life, including a boat deliberately ramming directly into a small group of whales that were resisting being driven onto the killing beach, then maneuvering with the boat’s propeller right over the top of the whales.

What is shown in this video is but a glimpse.

Our crew is on the islands to be the voice of the whales. They mean no harm, yet they are threatened and harassed by locals who don’t want their “proud” tradition documented and exposed to the world.

Please do show your support to the whales and our crew by reacting, commenting, and sharing below – this helps us get the message out.

Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

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