Summer the Sheep’s New Wheelchair (Music: Undersea Poem)

This video, featuring music by Undersea Poem, is about Summer the sheep. In April of 2011 we noticed her back legs became wobbly and the problem progressed over the next few days. Blood tests were inconclusive but indicated that something was wrong, so we took her to the experts at Cornell Veterinary Hospital. They determined that she had acquired a parasite known as Meningeal worm. Carried by wild deer, when a sheep becomes infested with Meningeal worm the parasite moves into the brain and/or spinal cord and causes neurological problems that can be fatal.

She was given treatment but the damage to her spinal cord could potentially be permanent, and Summer, unable to frolic with the rest of her flock, seemed to be depressed and her condition had worsened to where she wasn’t able to stand or walk around on her own. That’s when we contacted Eddie’s Wheels in Massachusetts. Well-known for their work helping dogs and cats with mobility issues, the mechanical genius Eddie Grinnell has also helped farm animals.

JULY 2011 UPDATE: Subsequent blood tests showed that Summer had a rare but incurable for of a disease and she was not able to recover. However, this video shows her strength and determination to have the best life she could!

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