Stop Dog Meat 365 – Part 1

Newly released footage by LCA gives an inside look into China’s dog meat trade, revealing the atrocities inflicted upon its canine victims and documenting the amazing work being accomplished by on-the-ground investigation and rescue teams who have saved the lives of thousands of dogs. Witness the rescue of hundreds of dogs from a truck headed to the slaughterhouse, and meet the amazing activists who changed the lives of these dogs forever.

Part 1 — LCA’s investigative footage gives a shocking look at the brutality occurring year-round in China’s horrific dog meat trade. Millions of dogs face unimaginable torture in an industry that routinely beats, skins, and boils animals alive.

Part 2 — Brave activists intercept a dog meat truck and successfully rescue hundreds of dogs from slaughter in China. Dogs are carefully hidden from butchers and brought to safety to receive medical treatment.

Part 3 — LCA’s Chris DeRose visits China to works with activists who are fighting the dog meat trade. Meet the rescuers who are working tirelessly to making a difference for dogs in China.

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