Something to be Thankful For

In 2012, Animal Place received a call from a woman living near a free-range turkey farm. In the seven years she has lived there, the trucks transporting turkeys to slaughter have never missed a turkey. But on this one day, they did. The farm did not care whether the turkey lived or died and Animal Place immediately drove out to the farm to pick up the lone survivor.

He (originally thought the turkey was female) will spend the rest of his life with the 22 other turkeys at our sanctuary. His name is Jude. As of October 2013, Jude is alive and well.

This Thanksgiving, think of this turkey. Think of how he desperately wanted to live…as strong as the thousands of other turkeys who couldn’t hide. This Thanksgiving, extend your gratitude to turkeys like this one and choose a just and compassionate holiday meal.

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