Shocking discovery in undercover raid on illegal wildlife traffickers.

Last month FLIGHT, the Indonesian charity and Animals Asia partner dedicated to rescuing and releasing songbirds back to the wild, made a shocking discovery when they visited an illegal wildlife trafficker’s warehouse.

Not only was he selling birds, but also pangolin scales and live gibbons.

The team immediately contacted the West Sumatra Regional Police to coordinate an arrest strategy, and on 24 January they seized 4.7 kilograms of pangolin scales, two Agile Gibbons, and protected songbirds.

After the arrest, the birds were given health checks and then released back into the wild, the gibbons were taken to a government rescue centre, and the pangolin scales were destroyed.

Animals Asia proudly provides funding and mentorship to FLIGHT to help them achieve their goal of saving Indonesia’s protected birds. Donate today so we can continue to support FLIGHT and other organisations to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife across Asia.

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