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Second shocking investigation on a farm producing Grana Padano | Essere Animali

One of our investigators documented the conditions of an Italian dairy farm producing Grana Padano, the most consumed DOP cheese in the world. The video shows calves ripped away from their mothers and locked up in individual pens, as well as animals immersed in their feces or dead. 

In July we released another investigation carried out in a different facility producing Grana Padano, where we documented similar issues. After it was published, the Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano claimed that the farm we investigated does not represent the entire sector. However, this second investigation shows that it is not possible to dismiss the worst standard practices in dairy farms, even those producing Grana Padano.

Together with 79 NGOs around the world, we ask the European Commission for a revision of the legislation on the protection of farm animals.

Help us, together we can change the future of millions of animals across Europe.

SIGN THE PETITION: www.essereanimali.org/en/second-investigation-grana-padano-farm/

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