Rescued Sheep Finds Love and Becomes a Mother to an Orphaned Lamb

Before arriving at Edgar’s Mission Eleanor’s ill health caused her to lose her babies, a devastating experience for any mother. Despite her compromised state and inability to walk, we remained determined.

Then, a new arrival brought hope—a baby boy named Ohio, who had lost his mother. We hoped for a miracle, longing for them to bond and fulfill each other’s needs. Although there were other orphans, Eleanor’s affection for Ohio was undeniable.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t nurse properly, leaving us saddened by Eleanor’s longing. However, we found a solution—bottle-feeding Ohio and cleverly positioning the bottle near Eleanor’s teat. This brought tears of joy and a heartwarming moment as Eleanor turned towards her new son. Even though Eleanor didn’t carry Ohio during the five-month pregnancy, her love for him is unwavering. 🥰

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