PETA Undercover: Meth-Doped Horses Drop Dead on Underground Racetrack #shorts

BREAKING: Our new undercover investigation exposes horses who were doped with drugs like cocaine and meth and raced to death at underground races in Georgia. For nearly a year, PETA investigated Quarter Horse racing, especially at the largest unregulated “bush track” in Georgia, Rancho El Centenario, located south of Atlanta.

Racegoers wager hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally, fueling these dangerous races. Trainers and jockeys drug, whip, and electroshock horses to try to win at any cost while the horses pay with their lives, breaking bones and even dying right on the track.

Investigators saw race teams injecting horses in the neck shortly before races, often on the racetrack itself. Racers experiment with drug cocktails to rev horses up, mask injuries, and kill pain.

PETA collected 27 syringes, on six different dates. Testing by the top accredited equine lab revealed that syringes contained cocktails including cocaine, methamphetamine, methylphenidate (Ritalin), and caffeine.

Jockeys whipped horses relentlessly—often 20+ times in a row—and others struck the horses from behind as the starting gates opened. They also hit horses before races, during loading, at the gates, and as punishment or to control the drugged-up horses.

Jockeys also used electric shock devices held in their hands or taped to their wrists to electroshock the horses in the neck during races. The doping, whipping, and electroshocking overdrive the horses, putting them at extreme risk for injuries and death.

PETA filmed a race in which both horses competing died—one staggered painfully on a broken, dangling leg, before being shot in the head. The “winning” horse, who was only 5 years old, reportedly died of a heart attack.

You can help us stop this! Urge @officialaqha to ban any jockeys, trainers, or owners who are involved in these deadly races by tapping the link in our profile ➡️

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