PETA Exposé Reveals Cruelty Behind Your Cashmere Sweater

A PETA exposé into the cashmere industry in China and Mongolia—the world’s top cashmere exporters—reveals goats screaming in pain and fear as workers tear their hair out using sharp metal combs. Later, their throats are slit in slaughterhouses, and they’re left to die in agony.

Nearly all cashmere is produced in China and Mongolia, so if you buy a cashmere item, it likely came from goats who were abused and killed in this way.

No matter where it comes from or what assurances companies give, cashmere is a product of cruelty to goats, which is rampant in the industry. Thankfully, warm, stylish, animal-free materials are widely available, so you can leave goats’ hair and other animal-derived materials, like wool and fur, where they belong: on the animals.

Join the vegan fashion revolution, and take action for cashmere goats now!

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