People React to Seeing How Pigs are Raised for Denny’s

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Animal Equality took to the streets of New York City to show the truth behind Denny’s. The chain, known as “America’s Diner,” has refused to make meaningful progress for mother pigs in its supply chain after fully abandoning its 2012 animal welfare commitment to end the use of gestation crates.

In many countries, gestation crates are the cages that impregnated female pigs are kept in for all but the last five to ten days of their pregnancies. For the nearly four months of their gestation, they live inside a cage that is barely bigger than the size of their bodies, roughly two by seven feet. They can lie down, sit and stand but cannot turn around, walk, avoid the aggression from neighboring pigs or build a nest as they normally would.

Gestation crates are so cruel they are banned in eleven US states, in the United Kingdom and Sweden, and are limited in the rest of the European Union.

Major companies across all sectors are on track to seriously reduce the use of gestation crates in their supply chains, as a step to eliminating crates entirely, by 2025 or 2026, including Jack in the Box, Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. Other prominent companies, like Chipotle and Shake Shack, have been crate-free for years.

We can’t let Denny’s continue to ignore mother pigs who are suffering in crates. These animals need us to fight for them.

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Animal Equality is an international animal protection organization working in eight countries to end cruelty to farmed animals through undercover investigations, legal advocacy, corporate outreach, and public awareness about plant-based foods.

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