Monitoring the Most Overfished Sea in the World!

Operation Living Seas launches to enforce protection in the world’s most overfished sea

For the past weeks, our crew on the Bob Barker has been patrolling the newest and the most remote marine protected area in Israel. After documenting several cases of trawlers fishing illegally in either marine parks or other protected areas, photographic and video evidence has been handed over to Israeli authorities that are investigating.

Out of the sixteen bottom trawlers that are licensed to fish within the waters of Israel, six have been detected violating local fisheries regulations.

“We’ve seen what’s possible working with authorities in Italy, where 7,600 octopus traps were recently confiscated with tens of thousands of octopuses saved; and in Greece, where three trawlers were just now busted fishing in the largest marine protected area in the Mediterranean, Greece’s National Marine Park of Alonnisos. Just as Sea Shepherd Global has partnerships with eight coastal States around the continent of Africa, Israel marks our third country partnership in the Med” – Captain Alex Cornelissen, CEO of Sea Shepherd Global

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