MILK | A Short Film From a Mother’s Perspective

Blood is thicker than milk. A film for the forgotten, by Ed Winters.

We made Milk so that we could show the reality of the dairy industry from the perspective of those trapped within it.

We never stop to think about what these animals are being forced to endure, so by highlighting the story of an individual mother, we hope that people will recognise that there is always a victim when we buy dairy products.

What happens to the mother cow is what happens to all female dairy cows.

We specifically chose to show the standard legal practices to illustrate how ingrained and normalised the suffering of dairy cows is within the dairy industry.

The location of the farm and slaughterhouse are based on real locations that are considered high welfare and humane.

What we show in Milk is literally the best of the best when it comes to dairy farming, yet, as soon we view what happens from the perspective of the mother cow, it becomes clear that this is an industry that runs on the exploitation and suffering of animals.

By using animation, we are able to show a unique perspective and tell the story of the mother cow in a way that cannot be done from investigative footage alone.

Milk centres the cow as the protagonist of her own story and allows us to view what is happening to her from an up close and personal perspective.

Organic, free-range, high-welfare, humanely raised. It doesn’t matter what label we put on dairy products, all dairy cows are victims of an industry that forcibly impregnates them, takes their babies from them, exploits their bodies and then sends them to a slaughterhouse to cut their throats. It’s time to end the dairy industry.

Produced by Surge Media:

Created by Smash Studios:

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Screenplay by: Ed Winters Directed by: Ashley Reed Animation produced by: SMASH Produced by: Surge Media Producer: Tatiana von Rheinbaben Character Artist & Animation Lead: Linda Molin 3D Artists: Ashley Reed Alex Reed Veronica Reed Linda Molin Character Animator: Alex Reed Additional Animation: Oskar Thuresson Mocap Performance Artist: Alex Reed Compositor, Editor & Colourist: Robin Sällström Original Music by: Joseph Wilkinson Sound Designer: Robin Carlheim

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