Mexican Burrito Recipe – Love Veg x Fry’s

Vegan burritos with Mexican-spiced chargrilled beef-style strips and creamy avocado salsa.

This quick and easy plant-based recipe is perfect for weekday lunches or a casual dinner with friends.


For the Mexican rice and bean mix:
– Boil 100g of quick-cook brown rice for 10-12 mins, then drain well.
– Take the cooked rice and add a can of black beans, some chopped jalapenos, some fresh coriander, a squeeze of lime, 1 tbsp of garlic powder and a pinch of salt to taste. Mix well.

For the Fry’s Beef-Style Strips mix:
– In a bowl, combine a glug of olive oil, a squeeze of tomato puree, 1 tbsp of ground coriander, 1 tbsp of paprika, 1 tbsp of ground cumin and 1 tbsp of garlic powder.
– Add a pack of Fry’s Chargrilled Beef Style Strips, a pinch of salt and pepper, a pinch of brown sugar and the juice of half a lime. Mix well.
– Fry for approximately 5 minutes until cooked, remove from the heat and set aside.

For the chunky avocado salsa:
– Add a cubed avocado to a bowl with two chopped fresh tomatoes, a handful of chopped coriander, a crushed garlic clove and a squeeze of lime juice. Mix well.

To assemble the burrito:
– Take a tortilla wrap and add a spoonful of each of the rice and bean mix, the beef style strips mix and the avocado salsa.
– Add some iceberg lettuce and chopped red onion.
– Sprinkle with vegan cheese and a spoonful of vegan sour cream.
-Wrap into a burrito and serve!

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