Meet “Abby the Abused Chicken.” She’s exposing the truth about chickens killed for meat

“Abby the Abused Chicken” is a graphic, seven-foot-tall chicken with a bloody broken wing, slit throat, and open wounds. Abby’s features and injuries—born at a Hollywood special effects studio—paint a gory, real-life picture of a “broiler” chicken’s brutal butchering at the slaughterhouse and tortured life on a factory farm. Crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds, broiler chickens buckle under their own unnatural body weight and chafe and develop boils and sores from the ammonia-laden flooring. At slaughter, birds are dumped, shackled, shocked, and sliced open while fully conscious. That’s why Abby and hundreds of caring consumers have protested in 70 cities across the country to demand better treatment of birds.

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