Maribeth the Calf Arrives

We got a call from a concerned woman about the fate of a 6-week old female calf at a dairy farm. She was walking with a bad limp, and part of her tail was missing, so the dairy farm was planning to send her to slaughter the next day.

We sent our Shelter Manager and a dedicated volunteer to see if they could rescue her. Many hours later they returned with this little sweetie, who we named Maribeth.

We took her to the vet and they determined she has a blood-borne infection that has collected in one of her joints and eaten away at the bone. She’ll be on heavy-duty medications to fight the infection, and be kept in a pen to keep her activity low while she recovers. The prognosis is guarded right now.

We have high hopes for Maribeth, and when she heals completely we may be looking for a suitable forever home since we are full up on cows right now. Follow her progress at:

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