Long-distance Transport of Calves: The Unwanted

There are 22.9 million cows in EU dairy farms. In order to give milk, a cow has to give birth to a calf every year. Millions of calves are born every year only to ensure that the dairy industry is profitable. However, these calves are only an unwanted by-product of the dairy industry. They are considered worthless. After birth they are immediately separated from their mothers and transported across Europe over long distances, some will even be sent to third countries on journeys of several days by sea.

The Animal Welfare Foundation and Tierschutzbund Zürich have been investigating and documenting the reality of calves transports since 2014. Our research and scientific studies show that young calves who are still reliant on milk cannot be transported. They suffer and die from the consequences of exhaustion, hunger and transport stress.

We reject long-distance transports of unweaned calves and ask the European Union to act. These transports constitute an unacceptable burden to these young, unwanted animals who are only a couple of weeks old.

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