Life in a Cage | Italian Egg Farm

Animal Equality has released disturbing scenes of mite-infested hens suffering inside filthy cages on an egg farm in Italy.

The squalid conditions make this farm a living hell for the tens of thousands of birds who are trapped here. These hens will never be able to spread their wings or feel the ground beneath their feet. An infestation of red mites which constantly crawl on the hens’ faces mean they cannot escape suffering for even a second.

Dead hens were left in their cages, forcing living birds to walk over the decaying corpses of their former companions. Rotting bodies of hens and rats also littered the filthy farm floor.

Italy is one of the largest egg producers in Europe, and the majority of Italian eggs are taken from hens kept in cages like these. Eggs from these hens could be hiding in your authentic fresh pasta or Italian panettone. It’s easy for concerned consumers to make the switch to cruelty-free by choosing from the many plant-based egg alternatives available now. Visit to get started!

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