Join Us to Help Save Our Future!

The actions of our species against other animals is destroying the lives of future generations on this planet. But we will not give up! We will fight for change. We have created a worldwide movement with other youths to bring the simple message that we must GO VEGAN to stop the emmissions of the animal agriculture industry from destroying everything we know and love. Together we can make our dream of living in harmony with our planet a reality! Please DM YOUTH CLIMATE SAVE (@youthclimatesave) to JOIN US! 🙏🏽 💜 🌏 🌿

Amazing animation 📹 by @meowiinsky_theatre! 😻

🎶 Music: 1. “Erlkönig” by Schubert;
2. “Spring” by Tchaikovsky (arranged & performed by the Meowiinsky Theatre Orchestra)


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