Investigation into the Indonesia dog meat trade in Sulawesi

Our partner, Dog Meat Free International sent an investigator into the groups of illegal dog kidnappers, and the resulting footage is shocking.

In North Sulawesi, Indonesia, more than 360 dogs a day are killed, burned, and sold for meat. The public markets are a health hazard, particularly in the midst of the pandemic, and put the incredible cruelty on display for onlookers and the terrified caged dogs.

At least eight national laws and regulations exist that, if enforced, would serve to prohibit the trade, and thus far five regions in Indonesia – Karanganyar (2019), Sukohrajo (2021), Salatiga City (2021), Malang (2022) and Semarang, the provincial capital of Central Java (2022) – have passed explicit bans on the dog meat trade. DMFI now invites the Sulawesi authorities to follow suit.”

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