Inside a Major Animal Supplier to the Film and TV Industries

A 2016 PETA eyewitness investigation exposed the conditions inside a leading animal supplier to the film and television industries. Birds & Animals Unlimited (BAU) has rented out animals to hundreds of productions, including The Hangover, Marley & Me, Game of Thrones, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

An eyewitness who worked at BAU documented chronic neglect, including filthy enclosures, sick and injured animals who went without adequate veterinary care, and animals who were denied food so that they would be hungry when being trained to do tricks. PETA has submitted complaints with federal, state, and local authorities to investigate these concerns.

Secrecy about training techniques appeared to be a priority: Most sessions took place in a building restricted only to trainers. The living conditions documented at BAU are the industry norm for animals used in entertainment.

Please, pledge to avoid contributing to this cruel practice by refraining from buying tickets to movies or watching TV shows that use live animals.

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