Horsemeat from torturous production in North America Part 1 /2017

A new investigation about the cruel conditions of the horsemeat production in North America / USA and Canada. The Tierschutzbund Zürich and the Animal Welfare Foundation, supported by Animals’ Angels USA, Eyes on Animals, Netherlands, WELFARM, France, AFAAD, France, GAIA, Belgium and Eurogroup for Animals, Brussels, show once again, after 2011, 2013 and 2015, under which unimaginable atrocities horses in the USA and Canada are traded, transported, fattened and slaughtered. The situation in the Canadian feedlots has even become aggravated, where horses have to remain six months prior to slaughter according to a new rule. This rule aims to guarantee consumer protection and is meant to be sufficient to ensure that there are no drug residues in the horsemeat. This film shows that neither animal welfare nor consumer protection are intended nor can they be enforced.

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