Here’s What Dairy Farms Do to Cows Who No Longer Produce Milk

Here’s What Dairy Farms Do to Cows Who No Longer Produce Milk

After four or five years of producing abnormally large quantities of milk, thanks to genetic manipulation and drugs, cows become “spent.” Their bodies just give out. They stop producing as much milk. Many become infected with a painful condition called mastitis, others will be so weak they won’t even be able to stand.

So what happens after cows can no longer produce enough milk They’re brutally killed.

No milk means no money for farmers. So after having baby after baby stolen from them, and at just a fraction of their 25 year lifespan, cows are callously sent to the slaughterhouse where they’re violently killed, mostly for ground beef. Yes, inside nearly every hamburger are the remains of America’s dairy cows.

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Mercy For Animals


There’s no way around it: Dairy is and always will be cruel. Luckily, with all of the tasty vegan versions of your favorite dairy products already on the market, there’s never been a better time to ditch dairy and all animal products and embrace a compassionate vegan lifestyle.

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