Help Panda Bob Get a New Trailer!

Animal Place needs a new trailer to safely transport newly rescued animals to the sanctuary and this video shows why!

Want to donate?

$10 – Receive a private link to a video of Panda Bob meeting the new trailer for the first time (after it is purchased).
$25 – The above, plus a personalized thank you from Panda Bob,
$50 – The above, plus an Animal Place water bottle so you can also be environmentally friendly
$100 – The above, plus a printed photo of Panda Bob being adorable
$500 – The above, plus a personal tour where you can meet Panda Bob!
$1,500 – The above, plus a guided tour with Executive Director and co-founder Kim Sturla and your name on a plaque in our education pavilion
$5,000 – The above, plus a one-night stay in onsite cabin and dinner with Executive Director Kim Sturla (optional opportunities include assisting with special feeding of the rescued animals)

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