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Goodbye little Caz

We are heartbroken to bring you the news that our “small but mighty” Caz, arguably our Vietnam sanctuary’s most iconic resident, has passed away at the age of 18.

Ten years after Animals Asia rescued Caz from a bile farm at the tender age of eight, the spinal disease that took hold of her young body during that time eventually caught up with her.

Although Caz was the smallest adult bear at the sanctuary, her character, temperament and attitude more than made up for it. A diva at heart, she knew what she wanted and she always got it – she had our team and the other bears wrapped firmly around her little paw!

Caz enchanted everyone who met her, and those who didn’t: she was the most recognised and asked-after bear. Animals Asia supporters across the globe adored her and loved it when we shared footage of her welcoming newly rescued bears to the sanctuary!

Caz lived and loved fiercely. She was not only an incredible ambassador for Animals Asia’s mission to rescue every remaining moon bear on bile farms in Vietnam, but she also taught us a thing or two about living life to the fullest.

Rest in peace, beautiful girl.

Learn more about Little Caz’s life and big impact:

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