Go Vegan For Regan

Regan Russell, 65, was violently struck and killed by a pig transport truck in front of Sofina’s Fearmans slaughterhouse on Friday, June 19, 2020.
She was giving pigs water on one of the hottest days of the year. She regularly attended pig vigils and on this particular day Regan was there to oppose Ontario’s “ag-gag” Bill 156, which had passed two days prior.
“Ag-gag” Bill 156 is a dangerous piece of legislation designed to criminalise whistle-blowers, journalists, and activists from performing their vital role in exposing the horrific treatment of farmed animals.
#GoVegan4Regan @animalsavemovement #WhyLoveOneAndEatTheOther?
An estimated 1.5 Billion pigs are killed each year.
Many are killed in horrific gas chambers like this one in Bristol where 2000-4000 pigs are understood to be gassed each day at around 6 months old.

Video by Angus Lancaster

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