Gloria – factory farm survivor

Gloria is one special bird. In fact, you could say she is one in a billion.

Because, while a billion chickens just like Gloria are farmed for their flesh in Britain every year, she was the only one to make it out alive.

In May 2016 Animal Equality investigators found Gloria abandoned to die in a skip on an intensive chicken farm in Devon, alongside hundreds of other chickens. Somehow she had survived in the dark, stinking pile of corpses – cold and weak but determined.

Conditions inside this typical British chicken farm were brutal, with tens of thousands of birds crammed together inside filthy, airless sheds. There was no daylight, no earth to forage or bathe in, nothing to make the birds’ short lives worthwhile.

Chickens have been genetically selected to grow faster and heavier than their bodies can cope with, and while this boosts profits for a merciless industry, footage from the Devon farm shows the heavy toll it takes on the birds. They suffer broken bones, heart attacks and lameness – and millions die through illness and injury, hunger and dehydration.

The victims are simply dumped in the rubbish.

Gloria made it out. She is a factory farming survivor.

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