Formerly Chained Dog Meets His New Family

Keane started off life chained in the junk-strewn yard of a breeder in North Carolina. This dog’s story is not unusual. He was chained outside by the time he was 6 weeks old, and his neglect resulted in mange, a painful disease in which the skin often turns bright red and is covered with painful sores and scabs. Dogs with poor nutrition and under a great deal of stress are especially susceptible to it. PETA’s fieldworkers regularly visited Keane and provided him with veterinary treatment, but his condition got so bad that his owner eventually gave him to us so that he could finally get the care that he so desperately needed.
Now Keane has a new home and a new canine best friend, and he is living indoors and is well taken care of by a loving family for the first time in his life.


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