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Five years after being rescued, has Cubby Leo found her sunshine?

Today we’re sharing the story of an astonishing transformation. A story of how a small, dedicated and compassionate team refused to give up on a bear who appeared lost in her own lonely world.

Cubby Leo, who we nicknamed Annemarie until a kind donor became her Bear Guardian, was rescued by Animals Asia on 17 August 2016.

She’d been kept in a small, rusty cage in a dark, dirty, concrete room as a family pet. She had lived like this for seven years – her entire life.

When our rescue team brought her home to our Vietnam sanctuary, Cubby Leo was too scared to even take treats from her care team. For a whole year, she was too traumatised to step outside of her den and into the lush enclosure to meet her new bear friends.

Read the rest of Cubby Leo’s incredible story and find out how she is doing today: www.animalsasia.org/intl/media/news/news-archive/five-years-after-being-rescued-has-cubby-leo-found-her-sunshine.html

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