Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit 2020 – Official Trailer

Animal Place’s Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit 2020 – The Future of the Farmed Animal Movement!

The critical issues affecting farmed animals are only increasing during this global pandemic, and as animal activists, vegans, environmentalists, and plant-based eaters we know we must do more. But what? And how?

Join the movement’s leading experts if you want to learn:
How to be a more effective and strategic advocate
How to educate and empower others to make a change
How to influence law and policy decisions affecting animals
How to organize a successful campaign
How to amplify your and your organization’s voice with social media
How to work hands-on with farmed animals
How to find your perfect role in the movement
How to talk with friends, family, even your doctor about a vegan diet!

You can still view all talks through the Summit Pack:

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