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Farewell Coconut

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that the beautiful, sweet Coconut, one of the 101 bears we recently moved from an ex-bile farm in Nanning to our sanctuary in Chengdu, has passed away.

The team at our Chengdu sanctuary, where Coconut had spent five wonderful weeks, found her lying on her belly in her den.

Coconut had suffered from an aneurysm, a rapid and fatal bleed in the brain. Thankfully, it happened very quickly and she didn’t suffer.

She was surrounded by people who loved her dearly as she quietly and calmly passed away ten minutes later. Animals Asia vet Jen O’Dwyer explained, “Coconut didn’t struggle, she simply took her last breath and slipped away quietly as if saying ‘I am free now’.”

Coconut was one of the first bears to be moved in our month-long operation to transport all 101 bears from Nanning to Chengdu.

During her five weeks in Chengdu Coconut fully embraced her new life, sniffing, chomping and rolling around the lush, fresh grass and playing with all her new toys with glee. A beautiful relationship had started to blossom between her and Bärack and we were so looking forward to watching this develop.

Coconut’s passing gives us pause to remember the 31 bears from the Nanning farm who also passed since we took over their care and ended their time as bile factories for good in 2014. Our teams worked tirelessly to bring them to their forever home and sanctuary. The sadness of their loss is tempered by the knowledge that we were able to spare them the cruel process of bile extraction and give them the care, dignity and respect they deserved all along.

We take comfort in knowing that although they didn’t get to experience the joys of fresh grass and wide open spaces as Coconut did, they were loved and treasured, living more comfortable and happier lives made possible by the kindness of Animals Asia supporters all around the world.

To those 31 beautiful bears and our gorgeous girl Coconut, we will never forget you. And in your memory, we will continue our mission to end bear bile farming forever.

With your help, we will keep our promise to Coconut and the 31 bears who passed away before they had their time in the sun. Thank you for never giving up on these bears.


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