Exposed: The Truth Behind the Cashmere Industry [Graphic]

A new PETA investigation of the cashmere industry in China and Mongolia—the world’s top cashmere exporters—reveals extreme cruelty to and violent killing of cashmere goats. Take action for goats:

Eyewitnesses saw workers pin down terrified goats, bend their legs into unnatural positions, and tear their hair out, causing them to let out heartbreaking screams. And when they’re deemed no longer profitable to the cashmere industry, they’re killed for cheap meat.

Together, China and Mongolia produce 90 percent of the world’s cashmere.

China has no penalties for abusing animals on cashmere farms, and the situation in Mongolia appears to be much the same. The best way to help these goats is to refuse to support this cruel industry—by never buying anything made of cashmere.

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