Egg | The Life of Hens Exploited in Cages (Documentary)

Due to continuous pressure to produce eggs, overcrowding, and poor environmental conditions, hens exploited in industrial farming suffer multiple diseases and pathologies. Many of them die before reaching the slaughterhouse and their carcasses often remain on the floor of the cage for days, or even weeks, while live hens move around them.

The egg industry, through labels that appeal to the idea of good welfare for the hens, to their presumed «humane treatment», or to their farmed conditions —for example the promotion of «cage-free» eggs— tries to confuse consumers by making them believe that on their farms and in their slaughterhouses, the hens are well treated and that the current production of eggs is the natural result of this nurturing environment.

Likewise, in their advertising campaigns, they make use of images that do not correspond to their facilities and that are far from the real spaces where the hens live, suffer, and die.

According to the Eurobarometer on the Attitudes of Europeans towards animal welfare, 67% of citizens stated that they would like to have more information about the conditions in which farmed animals are kept. However, deliberate obfuscation by the livestock industry combined with its lack of transparency frustrates consumers’ ability –and their right– to make free and informed decisions.

“Egg” is a visual testimony that sheds some light on the lives of exploited hens in farms.


All images were captured during an investigation conducted in the facilities of one of Spain’s largest egg producers.

Documentary directed by Aitor Garmendia in collaboration with Animal Save Movement.

© Animal Save Movement / Aitor Garmendia.



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