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Ducks Abused for “Responsible” Down

BREAKING: @ThePETAAsiaPacific ‘s new investigation of “responsible” down suppliers reveals workers slitting ducks’ throats & even CUTTING THEIR LEGS OFF while still conscious 💔

Ducks are forced to live in filthy sheds and on barren, feces-filled lots. Many suffered from bloody wounds, while others were unable to stand.

There’s nothing “responsible” about this abuse and violence, yet companies still hide behind the deceptively-named Responsible Down Standard (RDS) in an effort to dupe consumers into believing that the birds are treated in a “responsible” way. These “standards” are clearly failing the vulnerable birds exploited in this cruel industry.

The pain and fear these sensitive animals go through is obvious, but brands like @GUESS, @Gap, and @hennesandmauritz STILL refuse to acknowledge the ugly reality behind their down products. Go to their profiles and urge them to save ducks and DROP DOWN!

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