Dairy is evil | Babies taken away from their mothers

This video exposes the evil and the cruelty faced by mother cows and their babies in the dairy industry.

Cows are mammals, which means they only produce milk to feed their children.

Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated every year. To ensure the milk keeps flowing so this can end up in our morning coffee and cereal. The cows don’t matter to the farmer only making a profit.

Babies are separated soon after the mother has given birth. The male will be killed instantly as he does not produce milk or be sent of to a veal farm. The female will grow up to be impregnated over and over again just like her mother before her. This continues until their body gives in and they are then sent of to slaughter and end up as your burger.

Join us in demanding change. Sign the plant based treaty

Also please attend one of our vigils and eliminate animal products from your life.

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CONNECT: Plant Based Treaty

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