Cows Play With Bouncy Ball

Last year, Panda was set on fire. He survived the burning only to face slaughter as part of a Future Farmers of America project. A donor intervened and Panda was brought to Animal Place. His online friends sent him this bouncy ball to play with after they heard he would like a toy!

The other cow is Jazzy – she is the newest bovine resident at the sanctuary and LOVES Panda! Four years ago, she was languishing inside a veal crate where she couldn’t turn around. Someone bought her for a few dollars and saved her life but after four years, her previous guardian faced growing health problems that prohibited her from providing the optimal care to Jazzy. So she came to live with Panda!

Panda and Jazzy will live out their lives at Animal Place and be treated as individuals. They will never face the slaughter pen or fear for their lives.

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