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Cotton blossom one year rescue anniversary

One year ago today we rescued the beautiful Cotton Blossom.

In March 2020 our rescue team travelled 1,100km from our Vietnam sanctuary to rescue a bear who had been in a small, barren cage suffering the painful process of repeated bile extraction for 20 years.

However, a few hours before we arrived the government imposed a country-wide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we had to turn around and go home empty handed.

We were absolutely devastated.

The bear was due to arrive at our sanctuary just in time for the beautiful cotton blossom season. This is the time when the wind blows through the trees at our sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park causing a floaty shower of cloud-like blossoms to gently fall. We thought Cotton Blossom was the perfect name for her.

On June 30 we finally got the news we’d been waiting three long months for, travel restrictions were lifted and we could go and get her!

Fast forward twelve months and Cotton Blossom is a healthy and happy bear who loves teasing and wrestling with den-mate P.J.!

Thanks to you, she is finally allowed to be a bear and enjoy all the things she was denied for far too long.

We never gave up on Cotton Blossom and we will never give up on the bears who remain on bile farms across Vietnam. Join us today to make history and end bear bile farming in Vietnam forever:

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