BREAKING: Four bears rescued from Vietnam bile farms

LIVE: If you are just waking up in Europe then this is what you missed this morning. Four bears rescued from bile farms in Pleiku, Vietnam thanks to your help.

This is an experienced team and yet they have been left shocked by what they found.

Poor Su Su has a large, and clearly evident “bump” on her belly. Our best guess at this point is that it is a hernia. It will require emergency surgery on her return and we have to hope that there are no complications. She remains a huge concern and, of course, first she has a 1,200 km journey home.

It’s also worth noticing that the bump has been with her for seven years and yet the bear bile farmer never called a vet.

Meanwhile poor Binh Minh sprinted into our transport cage and it’s not hard to see why he’d trust any means of escape over the cage that has held him for a decade. Some years ago the floor gave way. Instead of fixing it or freeing Binh Minh, the owner fortified it by putting another set of bars over the top. Poor Binh Minh was barely able to stand as he lived among sharp lumps of metal on the stinking, rotting floor beneath.

Vietnam boss Tuan called it the worst cage he had ever seen.

Our job is not over yet. First there is that epic journey home – and you can follow it all here.

Secondly, and most importantly, we need to build a new life for these bears. We need to take away their pain and show them what happiness can be among the trees and fresh air at our sanctuary.
We need to fund emergency surgery for Su Su and the health checks and required medical procedures for all the bears.

We have made a commitment to Jarai, Su Su, Dau Phu and Binh MInh, can you join us?

Donate today towards their rehabilitation:

And continue to follow their journey here:

Tell everyone you know about the #PleikuBearRescue – the world has to know about bear bile farming.

And thank you.

An amazing thing happened this morning. You did that and it means the world to us.

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